Top 4 Mountain Bike Pedals for the Money

Shimano M520 pedalsBike pedals are one of the parts of a bike with the most difficult functions. For beginners, they are part of the three points where your bike and body come into contact so as to offer a comfortable interface and an element of control.

Similarly, pedals provide the means by which the power in your legs is transmitted into your bike’s drivetrain as you propel along the way.

Selecting mountain bike pedals

When buying a mountain bike pedal, you should consider:

  • Type of pedal: You have to decide whether you want the double-sided flat or clipless and misnomer pedals.
  • Durability: you need to select pedals that will withstand the regular tree bashing wear and tear as you ride.
  • Cleaning: you should select pedals that shed mud easily and which requires little cleaning and maintenance
  • Adjustability: choose pedals that allow your feet to click in and out and move naturally. This is especially important if you occasionally experience knee pain.


According to, these are the 4 best mountain bike pedals for the money:

Shimano M530

The Shimano M530 pedals became popular among many mountain bike riders immediately they were released into the market because of their common cleats and affordable features. Additionally, they have adjustable tension to allow for easy entry and removal of your feet. They are versatile and can work on any type of trail bike.

Shimano M520

These are perhaps the most popular and recognizable mountain bike pedals in the market. Even without a platform or a cage, they still have double the surface area of the platform-less Crankerbrothers model. They also have an adjustable tension which makes them easier to use especially to new users of clipless pedals. So far, these are among the most inexpensive mountain bike pedals.

Crankbrothers Mallet 3

If you are a lover of gravity, downhill or enduro mountain biking, then Crankbrothers Mallet 3 is the perfect pedal for you. It has a full platform and with 6 adjustable traction pins on either side to guide your foot on how to make a quick engagement with the springs. It also provides a better place to rest and balance your foot in case you delay to clip them. The pedals are cheap and provide an aggressive and comfortable downhill riding.

Crankbrothers Eggbeater 2

Crankbrothers Eggbeater 2 is the best choice for mountain bike riders obsessed with reducing weight on their bikes. they are the lightest pedals with no platform and cage and hence are minimal and utilitarian. In addition to shedding mud easily, they are cheaper.

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